About Sarver Strategies

At the heart of a good communications strategy is a good story. Think back to the most powerful lessons you learned as a child – were they conveyed in bullet points, graphs and charts? Or were they wrapped into a good tale that helped sear into your memory the importance of values like kindness, sharing and patience? Unfortunately somewhere along the way, we’ve lost the ability to knit together a good story.

But science tells us that our minds better recall information if told in a story format. That’s why Sarver Strategies is built around the concept of storytelling. Whether conveying a corporate, nonprofit or political message, we help clients develop an effective narrative to share their story in a memorable way. We also want to make sure that message is effectively delivered. That’s why we offer in-depth media and presentation skills trainings – from two hour sessions to weekend long workshops – to help clients build the technical skills necessary to deliver masterful presentations no matter the audience.

About The Founder 

Jenifer has more than two decades of experience in media relations, crisis communications, speechwriting, coalition building, and media and presentation skills training. Her career has spanned the corporate, nonprofit and political worlds, helping clients develop messages that will resonate with their core audiences and create strategies for effectively delivering those messages through the appropriate communications channels. In launching Sarver Strategies, Jenifer focused her skills on training and storytelling, helping clients develop a narrative that effectively conveys their core values, and then preparing them to effectively deliver that message. Jenifer has extensive experience in media and presentation skills training, having conducted workshop and one-on-one trainings for a wide range of public figures including CEOs, political candidates and office holders at the state and federal levels, nonprofit leaders and foreign leaders. Jenifer regularly speaks and conducts trainings for a range of nonprofit and educational organizations. She has spoken to the LBJ Women’s Campaign School, The Texas Travel Alliance, New Leadership Texas, the Texas Exes, and the National Association of Women Communicators, among others. She has also moderated panels for groups like the American Association of Political Consultants, The Austin chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and the Texas Lyceum.

Interested in having Jenifer speak to your organization?
She can speak on the topics listed below, or craft a specific message for your audience.

  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Advocacy and Engagement: It’s all about Relationships
  • Civility in Public Discourse
  • Delivering Effective Messages

Download Jenifer’s Full Bio: Jenifer Sarver – Bio 2022